Monday, February 25, 2008

The buzz

Every once in a while I look through the keyword referrals and do an informal assessment of how people find this blog -- one that's geared for a rather narrow audience. Here are the most popular keywords:

  • O'Brien-Fleming (especially doing this kind of design in SAS)
  • Bayesian statistics in R
  • noninferiority
  • NNT (number needed to treat)
  • confidence intervals in SAS
On occasion I will get hits from more clinical or scientific searches, such as TGN1412 (the monoclonal antibody that caused a cytokine storm in healthy volunteers, leading to gangrene, multiple organ failure, and for those lucky/unlucky enough to survive, cancer), Avandia, or CETP inhibitors.

At 2000 hits in a year, this is clearly a narrowly-targeted blog. :D