Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Named in Best Colleges top 50 statistics blogs of 2011!

Realizations in Biostatistics has been named in Best Colleges top 50 best statistics blogs of 2011!

The wide variety of content in this blog has been noted, and, yes, I do try to write about a lot of different aspects of statistics for technical and nontechnical audiences. In fact, my two most popular entries are O’Brien-Fleming Designs in Practice, intended for pharma professionals not versed in statistics, and My O’Brien-Fleming Design Is Not The Same as Your O’Brien-Fleming Design, which contains a technical issue I came across while trying to design one.

At any rate, there are several bloggers I really respect from that list—Ben Goldacre, Nathan Yau, John Sall, David Smith to name a few—and I feel very honored to be mentioned among them. Check out the list for some great statistics content!