Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year 2011

Thank you Bill Watterson!
This year, 2011, is a prime number, and the first prime numbered-year since 2003. It is also the sum of a prime number (11) of consecutive primes. More numerology here.
Last year was a year of changes, some of which were not easy but all of which have produced good results 2011 will probably be more about strengthening current initiatives (including the blogging one!) than about starting new things, but you never know. The only thing I can imagine along those lines would be doing some freelance consulting here and there.
It's worth noting that my main goals are process-oriented and so really are more intentions than resolutions, and that strategy has worked fairly well. (The main one that's results-oriented is going on a big vacation for my 10th anniversary.)
At any rate, I'm an analyst in an increasingly analytical world, so look for more analysis!